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The Perfect Shave with Jason Shankey

Hi and welcome to my new male grooming blog. One of the questions most asked of me is ‘How do I stop the pain of shaving’? Razor burn, ...

On October 12, 2017 / By

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    Burning the Candle at both ends

    We are all guilty of it, working, running from here-to-there, and not actually taking time out torelax and unwind properly.  I for one have to hold my hands up, ...

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    Completely At One

     The life of a Sugah Gal is indeed a busy one – we spend hours at our computers each day, we have busy home lives and we work ...

    On September 24, 2017 / By
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    Summer’s a Bitch!

    Who am I kidding!?! Wasn’t she’s glorious?! Long balmy days spent basking in the sun, chilling out by the pool or splashing in the sea, all topped with ...

    On August 15, 2017 / By